Is it! or is it not! Orthopaedic! That is the Question

A lot of people are confused by the term Orthopaedic mattress, what is and orthopaedic mattress?  and how can you tell?

Well the answer is simple! you can’t…!

The mattress description is provided by the manufacturer and they class firmness rating based on current orthopaedic qualities of the base layers.

There are a number of factors to consider before purchasing an item described as orthopaedic.

Each manufacturer has their own way of rating their product; therefore, two different manufacturers may rate a similar item in two different ways.  This means that two mattresses labelled as orthopaedic may differ in their firmness and their orthopaedic qualities.

To make matters even more complicated! (Sorry) you have to factor in the “definition” of each person who buys an “orthopaedic” mattress. Firmness is relative to the person’s own expectations; one may find the item firm, whereas another may find it not so firm.

A lot of us buy an orthopaedic mattress because we want to relive back pain… Orthopaedic mattresses are not a cure nor are they an instant fix items, at best; they are only firmer than normal mattresses and provide extra support where a normal mattress would not be able to.

Any mattress, including orthopaedic, will only give mild relief from aches and pains.

Bed Plaza Recommendations

At we take all these factors into consideration, before qualifying a product to be orthopaedic.

So, while we cannot guarantee that our orthopaedic mattresses will be a miracle cure (we don’t think anyone can give this guarantee).

Our mattresses go through a host of rigorous tests and therefore we can confidently recommend them as orthopaedic.

Bed Plaza has tried and tested a number of Orthopaedic mattresses and we have chosen a select few that we consider to be worthy of being labelled Orthopaedic.

The first is the top of the range Regal Orthopaedic mattress, a clear choice for those who require a firmer yet comfortable alternative to their current mattress.

Our second choice, is the mid-range Sporta mattress, this mattress has all the right qualities to be labelled an orthopaedic mattress, it is a lot more firm than normal memory foam units and has a high-density reflex foam to give it the firmness expected of an orthopaedic mattress.

Finally, we have picked a strange one for you, considered to be a comfort choice but again the Purelux Coolmax memory foam mattress is in this choice, because of the proven effects of memory foam for pain relief.

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