Divan bed explained

Take a look at our guide to learn about divan bases, choosing between different types of bed bases is a huge decision and it cannot only make a difference to the look of the bedroom but also provide a number of deferent options.

We discuss below the advantages and disadvantages of these types of bed bases

What Is a Divan?

A divan bed base typically consists of a solid bed base instead of slats for holding the mattress, the divan bed features a large, hollow interior that usually provides space for drawers or ottoman storage.

This type of bed base is practical, stylish and looks great in the traditional style bedroom.

The Solid Base

A solid bed base acts as a flat platform for your mattress, ensuring it remains flat from head to toe. This is particularly useful for denser mattresses, such as memory foam. It provides an equal level of support to every area of the mattress.

Dian base
An example of a divan bed with a headboard and plain base
Divan base with draw
An example of a divan bed with a headboard and drawer base

Why to Buy a Divan Bed:

When you are deciding to buy a new bed and you are looking to the advantages of this type of bed, you may consider these four options :-

1) They can have built-in storage

Divan beds are identifiable by the presence of that big, hollow base. This space can be adapted to have concealed drawers, a divan bed is a type of bed frame that’s ideal to declutter your room.

2) They take up less room

A divan bed is a great space saver for a smaller room. They are designed to be only as wide as the mattress therefore they are great as a compact and tidy, which helps save on some of the bulk with other types of bed.  

If space is an issue, look no further than a divan base.

3) They are supportive

Divan beds provide a solid bed base for your mattress, due to their platform tops, where as some bed frames have a slatted design. A divan base not only prolongs the life of your mattress but provides a straighter shape for your back.

4) They’re easily personalised

These beds are the most versatile of beds for styling a bedroom to your taste. The fabrics and materials along with a wide range of colours, divans are all about the style. Also, the main feature of this type of base is the headboard, and with this type of bed, the headboard can be any shape or size. As an added feature that headboard can be replaced to a new shape whenever you like.

So when it comes to choosing a new bed, you now have some useful information that you can consider. If your still unsure, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirement with you.

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