Getting a second-hand mattress! Think again! Is it a good idea?

While it may look like a bargain of the century. Looks alone cannot tell you the whole story BUT! can you really honestly tell from just looks alone.

The short answer is a BIG NO!

Why?  you ask?

Well, here’s are a few good reasons why we say a BIG No to buying a second-hand mattress

While it may look like a bargain of the century. Looks alone cannot tell you the whole story, sure the mattress looks clean, no rips or tears, no stains of any kind, it may even feel new. There is a but, in this conversation…BUT! can you really honestly tell from just looks alone, the internal condition of the mattress? there is a whole lot of stuff that goes into making a mattress and most of that stuff is on the inside of the mattress.

The inside is where the main components of your mattress reside and if the item has not been looked after properly, this is the part that should give you a reason for thought.

First of all, there simply is no way for you to tell what accidents, spillages or worse things have seeped into the inside of the mattress, sure a nasty whiff may be a clue but to what! Then there is the risk of any previous infestation problems that may be lurking in the dark recesses of the mattress. Any potential serious seller will have done a general clean of the outside, before trying to sell the mattress, but the inside is another story altogether.

Let’s not forget, when you sleep you leak body fluids onto your mattresses, such as sweat. Over time, unless loved and cared for with sufficient cleaning, lots of mattresses become unsanitary.

 If money is the deciding factor, even the cheapest new mattress tops a second hand one for cleanliness

Ask yourself, is it really worth taking any health risks for the small saving in money?

We spend roughly a third of our life asleep, and good sleep is considered important for our health and wellbeing. It’s not a good idea to cut corners with a purchase that can have such a big impact on your life.

Here at Bed Plaza, we understand the need for being cautious when buying a new mattress and that is why we offer a variety of high-quality mattresses at affordable prices.

The unknown quality   

When buying anything new, we insist we know the quality of the product before purchase, unless it’s something really cheap. Perhaps that book has a coffee ring stain on it, but that won’t matter, because you’re likely reading it once and then giving it away, but do stains like that matter if you’re buying something more expensive, like a mattress?

Perhaps it doesn’t, but what about other quality issues, like the state of the springs inside? Mattresses are a very personal purchase – at least they should be – so research into quality is imperative. The quality of mattresses is easier to determine if you’re buying new.

The materials used to build your mattress can diminish over time and lose their quality. To the eye, it might seem perfectly alright. To get a good feel for your mattress, you need to test it out by sleeping on it, but how can you do that if your mattress is second hand? By the time you realise there is anything wrong, it will probably be too late. Second-hand dealers and people who sell their things on the internet don’t usually trade in refunds.

To ensure good quality in a mattress, it’s a better idea to buy new. Not only with you know that nobody has been jumping on your bed, but mattress dealers usually provide warranties, or will at least offer to replace your mattress if the quality is no good for you.

The physical impacts of a bad mattress

As mattresses age, the materials they are made from becoming less purposeful, and the structure of the mattress deforms, starting to sag and curve. This means your body is not being properly supported.

Many chiropractors and other body experts agree sleeping on a used mattress can be detrimental to your physical health. Tossing and turning because you are uncomfortable also causes poor quality sleep, which will leave you struggling to concentrate and impact your overall health and wellbeing. Exhaustion causes all manner of problems and has even been linked to depression.

You might be sore and stiff in the mornings, and over time this can lead to chronic back pain. As you spend more and more time on a mattress like that, it can create a vicious cycle of discomfort and physical harm, in which you spend more and more time in the bed that caused the problems.

Life expectancy

Like almost everything you buy, a mattress comes with a life expectancy. It’s hardly something you can reserve for best, which means you’ll be using it every night, which means we can estimate pretty well how long it should last, and that timeframe is about seven to ten years. This projection changes wildly depending on how well the mattress is taken care of.

If your mattress is second hand, how will you have any idea of how long it’s been alive for? Perhaps your seller can show you a receipt, but you still don’t know how well they’ve been treating it. You might get five years out of it, or it might already be ruined, but you won’t know for sure until you have spent a few nights sleeping on it.

New mattresses, on the other hand, come with information to tell you how long they will last, as well as guidance on how you can take care of them to extend their lifespan.

Looking for a new mattress?

If you’re looking for a mattress, Bedplaza offers a catalogue of different options, each with its own amazing features, so we know we have something you’ll like.

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