Supporta 15cm Reflex Foam Mattresses with Quilted Cover


  • 15cm Depth Reflex Foam Core
  • Body Support Foam
  • Quilted Zipped Cover
  • Air Circulation Technology
  • Offers Comfort and Support
  • Resistant to Bed Bugs
  • UK Fire Safety Certified
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An Excellent Body Support Mattress

The Purelux TM Reflex foam mattress with high-density grade-A reflex foam. Uniquely designed from super reflex viscoelastic foam, for added comfort support. Perfect for divan bases, bedsteads, and bed frames. This mattress can also accommodate special size beds and cabins.

The Benefits of Supporta Reflex Mattress

Supporta reflex foam mattress accommodates customers who find memory foam mattresses too uncomfortable to sleep on. Mainly due to the heat retention properties of memory foam. If you’re sensitive to heat and can not sleep well, but want something that will properly give similar body support. Then our Supporta Reflex mattress represents the perfect alternative for you.

The Supporta Reflex Quilted Range

With Supporta reflex mattress, you receive all the benefits of a memory foam mattress without experiencing any of the heat-related problems.

This reflex mattress is made specifically from high-density foam, which is the same as in most high-end memory mattresses. The Supporta will bend and flex to the contours of your body and support pressure points. It will allow you to gain the same body-hugging support as memory foam and will return to its typical shape when not in use.

Our Supporta mattresses are infused with anti-bed bug properties and, with the added benefits of a quilted cover, you can stay cool and fresh. Quilted covers help to keep air circulation throughout the night to keep you cool and fresh when you are sleeping.

These mattresses are rotatable for best performance.

Please note:

This item comes vacuumed and rolled packed for ease of transport and takes 24-48 hrs after opening to regain its typical shape.¬†Machine washable cover, wash at 40¬†degrees Tumble Dry¬†‚ÄstLow heat only.¬†Our mattresses are¬†manufactured¬†in the¬†UK¬†using¬†quality materials that meet all¬†UK¬†safety standards.¬†All dimensions¬†represent¬†approximations¬†only.

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